Face paint removal

Do not scrub the face with a baby wipe. Some cheaper wipes will cause irritation to delicate skin.

Wash face with a mild soap or baby shampoo and warm water. Use an old, soft cloth/wash cloth that you won’t mind if it stains.

If there is any residual staining after washing face, you can use cold cream or makeup remover. Coconut oil or jojoba oil works well and is wonderful for your skin. Baby oil will work also, but I prefer coconut or jojoba. I have also heard that toothpaste or shaving cream works great on stained skin. However, I haven’t tried either of these yet.

If you would like to read a pretty long, but very informative article on face paints and residual staining and removal, I would recommend going to www.rubyredpaint.com/faq/faqstain.htm

Face paint stains on clothing

If you happen to get some face paint on you clothing, it is a good idea to soak the garment in warm water for a few hours before washing to soften the stain.

Then spray with a stain remover and wash as usual with cold or warm water.

Airbrush makeup - About

I use ProAiir Hybrid airbrush makeup. It is sweat and water resistant. Designs will withstand water from rain, lake swims and the like. You may eventually lose your artwork in a pool due to the use of chemicals/chlorine. ProAiir is hypoallergenic and safe to use even on sensitive skin (cosmetic alcohol content is identical to that in liquid eye liners). ProAiir is FDA compliant and made in the USA!

Airbrush makeup - Removal

ProAiir is water repellant. Water alone will not remove it.

Wipe off with an old, soft cloth and oil (coconut, jojoba or baby oil), makeup remover or lather with liquid soap first, then rinse with warm water.

Glitter Tattoo Care & Removal Instructions

Glitter tattoos are water resistant, and with care can last 5-7 days. Glitter Tattoos will hold up through regular bathing, swimming and showering provided there is no scrubbing of the area. Just pat the tattooed area dry - don’t rub. Don’t apply lotion to your glitter tattoo area (if you would like to preserve it).

Glitter Tattoos will usually just wear away after about a week. However, if you would like to remove your glitter tattoo, simply use lotion, oil or rubbing alcohol and a cotton ball.